3D modeling


3D modeling or 3D design is the process of creating an image of a digital three-dimensional model of a product in the form of a 3D drawing or a rendered model on a computer.

The Marabuplast company can make for you a virtual 3D model of a product or provide with industrial design services.

In modern production, 3D models can be used for the following purposes:

  • to create visualizations of the future product;
  • for printing prototypes on a 3D printer;
  • to produce products on CNC milling machines;
  • for the manufacture of rigid casting molds.

How 3D model is created?

  • 01

    Technical task is being developed.

    The technical task should include the purpose of creating a 3D model, all customer requirements and initial data (drawings, photographs, samples, descriptions, embedded elements, connectors, fasteners, sensors, electronic boards).

  • 02

    Previsualization and rendering of the model.

  • 03

    Development of an accurate mathematical 3D model.

    The 3D model is developed in accordance with the technical task based on the approved visualization.

  • 04

    Final model approval.

    In the process of approval of a 3D model, if necessary, it is possible to make adjustments and edits.

  • 05

    Preparation and adaptation of the model to the desired production method.

The cost of 3D modeling is calculated individually and depends on:

  • term of project implementation;
  • the complexity of modeling;
  • initial data, accuracy of technical specifications;
  • the number of additions and edits to the created model.

What do you get when working with us:

  • finished 3D-model in STL format (if necessary - flat drawing with dimensions);
  • the possibility to produce a prototype of the product, based on the created digital model, for further production and small-scale casting;
  • work execution in strictly agreed terms.

Order on 3D modeling

It is very easy to make an order on 3D modeling - just fill in the form below or contact us in any way convenient for you. More information on the page Contacts.

Order the cost calculation of services for your project

For a quick cost calculation, write in the comments overall dimensions, weight, material requirements, production volume and attach an image.

Acceptable formats of 3D-models, sketches and drawings: STL, STP, OBJ, IGES, SLDPRT, STEP, PNG, JPG, PDF.

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