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Differences between vacuum molding of plastic from 3D printing

Unlike 3D printing, vacuum plastic molding allows you to:

  • Form a different surface texture.
  • Reinforce parts with various embedded elements.
  • To paint in almost any color, due to the addition of pigments to polyurethane.
  • Use a huge selection of materials for the manufacture of parts.
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Для получения быстрого расчета стоимости изготовления изделий, вышлите нам изображение оригинала (чертежи, 3Д-модель, фото) и заполните необходимые поля.

Acceptable formats of 3D models, sketches and drawings: STL, STP, OBJ, IGES, SLDPRT, STEP, PNG, JPG, PDF.

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