Dosing drum pump


85 mm


80 mm


36 mm


75 Shore D


48 g

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Silicone casting technology is increasingly being used in various fields of mechanical engineering. It can significantly reduce the cost and production time of many parts, especially when producing a small batch.

A recent case can be cited as an example.In the car service sector, pumps with a strictly metered supply of fuel to fuel tanks are widely used at filling stations.

Recently we have order from a company that, after visiting our web-site, decided to replace one steel unit, with parts made of durable oil-resistant plastic. Fortunately, the operating conditions allowed it. They brought us a dosing drum of the pump, which was made of 7 different parts. To produce such unit they used lathe, milling, drilling and thread rolling machines.

Our technologists offered the customer to use vacuum casting into a silicone mold and make this unit not from 7 separate parts, but to cast the entire assembly at 1 part. Using their sample as a master model, we in 5 days!!! made for them a 150 such dosing drum pumps. Can you imagine how much faster and more profitable it was? Of course, the customer was satisfied with this solution and with the result.

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