Porsche door rocker panel cover clip (999-507-986-40)


43 mm


16 mm


26 mm


75 Shore D


4 g

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Plastic parts the first fall into disrepair during operation and in an accident. If you cannot buy a new part or it cannot be restored, but there is a genuine sample suitable for copying, then you can quickly and easily make a high-quality copy. This opportunity is presented by the technology of vacuum casting in a silicone molds.

To do this, the existing part is poured with silicone, and after the end of its polymerization, the original part is removed, and polyurethane with the required characteristics is poured into the silicone form. According to all characteristics, the received part will fully correspond to the genuine one.

Preparation for production (mold making, tooling, material selection, test casting) takes up to 5 working days. That means, that in just 5 days, you will have 1, or even 2-5 finished copies of the desired part. Moreover, if necessary, you can order an additional batch, if you have such a need.

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