Finding a rare part can be a big problem for many car enthusiasts. Websites that offer auto and motorcycle parts are able to offer a huge number of auto products and accessories. The offers are very diverse: new, contract, used spare parts, selection of parts by car brand, tuning, replacement. Everything seems to be there! However, when workers of the service station cannot find the necessary part, then they often order the missing part in companies that specialized in casting. Moreover, in our country a large number of old and simply rarity autos are in operation, which constantly require replacement of parts.

If you can't find a bumper grill or a simple bracket for attaching the threshold of your beloved Porsche Cayenne, and don`t want to wait for the original for a very long time or this position is no longer available, do not despair! You can always find a way out, just call to Marabu. Our company is able to make any plastic part for your car or bicycle. Just need a suitable sample for copying. We can make any product, with the exception of large-sized parts - more than 50 cm.

The unique technology of vacuum casting in silicone molds is widely used because of its high repeatability of material used. It can solve your problem quickly and efficiently. So that neither in appearance nor in material properties, it will be impossible to distinguish the casting part from the original one.

From the right side is a Porsche door rocker panel cover clip, produced by Marabu company.


From the left side, the disassembled car seat sensor housing.

Below you can see some examples of various parts for auto repair that we have already had make.

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