Making molds for casting


Molds for casting

Forms are one of the key elements closely related to product replication. If you decide to start casting yourself, but you do not have a form and you do not know how to make it, we will help you make it taking into account all your requirements for its appearance, shape, etc.

Types of molds

Depending on the complexity of the model, the intended circulation, the type of the filling compound, the forms are divided into different types. Our technologists will help you decide what type of form will suits you the best and advise the best way to make it. Based on how many castings you plan to get from one mold, what material to use, and taking into account the level of complexity of the detail, we can recommend 2 types of molds:

  1. Silicone mold
  2. Polyurethane mold

Materials for making molds for casting

In the manufacture of molds, liquid two-component silicone or polyurethane are often used, which, after mixing, harden rather quickly at room temperature. A big advantage of silicone is its heat resistance (up to +400C°), resistance to many aggressive environments, non-toxicity, simplicity and safety in work. The disadvantage is low wear resistance. Depending on the material, it is about 20-100 cycles. To use polyurethane filling in silicone - 20-40 cycles, wax - more, food products - even more, concrete/gypsum - up to 100 cycles. In our production, we work only with high quality Italian silicones, which have shown themselves well in work.

The polyurethane mold is more expensive, but at the same time more durable option.
A small secret of the Marabu Company is that in the manufacture of molds, we use a vacuum to remove air bubbles. To do this, the ready-made mixture, before pouring into the formwork, is literally placed in a vacuum chamber for a few minutes.

Also, using our materials and our technologies, you can order:

  1. Molds for soap making
  2. Molds for casting wax candles (making candles)
  3. Molds for gypsum casting
  4. Molds for casting concrete, tiles
  5. Molds for casting decorative ornaments
  6. Molds for casting epoxy resin


The minimum cost of manufacturing a silicone mold regardless of its overall dimensions – 800 UAH.

The service life of the mold is about 20-100 casting cycles, depending on the selected material and the characteristics of the part.

The term for the production of forms, after receiving payment: from 3 working days, depending on the workload of production.

You can read more about the production of silicone molds here

Order on production of molds

For the production of molds for casting, a master model (prototype) of the product is required. If there is no master model, then it can be made by the specialists of the Marabu Company. To make an order, just contact us by phone (050) 351-39-55, (044) 229-15-89 or fill in the form below. Please note that the production of the Marabu Company is located in Kiev, but we work with companies throughout Europe.

Order the cost calculation of services for your project

For a quick cost calculation, write in the comments overall dimensions, weight, material requirements, production volume and attach an image.

Acceptable formats of 3D-models, sketches and drawings: STL, STP, OBJ, IGES, SLDPRT, STEP, PNG, JPG, PDF.

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