3D printing


3D printing is the making of a real product according to its digital 3D model created on a computer.

There are different types of 3D printing, which differ from each other in the way they are applied. The most common among them:

  • FDM printing or fused deposition modeling
  • SLA printing or laser stereolithography

In its work, the Marabuplast company use both of these types of 3D printing.

3D printing using FDM technology

This printing is one of the most famous and simplest 3D printing methods, by creating three-dimensional objects using thermoplastic layering. FDM technology is suitable in cases where a product needs to be get quickly, and strict requirements are not imposed on the quality of the ready prototype. Therefore, this technology has become widespread in the market.

3D printing using SLA technology

This printing is a high-precision method for creating three-dimensional products from liquid photopolymer resins. This method is more expensive than FDM printing, but it allows to getting higher quality products and is used to create high-precision prototypes of complex geometries. This technology is considered not only one of the first 3D technologies of our time, but also the most widespread.

How to improve a product after a 3D printer?

If you need to get only 1 detail, such 3D printing technologies will allow you to do it quickly and relatively inexpensively. On such detail, you can check the correctness of the design solution, show it to the customer or demonstrate at the exhibition as a prototype of a future product. But all these methods will not always be able to provide good quality, reliability and low price for further production. For example, for the manufacture of a small batch of details, it is much cheaper and faster to get the needed result using vacuum casting in silicone molds. To do this, you need to complete the most difficult stage in the production process chain - to refine the prototype to the level of the master model, with a help of which the silicone mold is made. And the casting plastic into a silicone mold will ensure high quality of product, increase the production speed of details at about 5 times, and make the cost of the finished product more cheaper than will be the cost of growing it on a 3D printer.

You can read more about the pros and cons of 3D printing methods here

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