Nowadays, tired of monotonous industrial items, people increasingly tend to purchase handmade items. In Western culture, such items are highly prized and the people who create them are considered creators.

Handmade are hand made things, as well as the creative process of creating them. This is a real way to express loudly about your individuality, ability to create and the opportunity to show your aesthetic vision of the world.

Many are fond of modeling (making models of airplanes, ships, weapons), someone makes dolls, someone knits, and someone pours jewelry or makes candles.

Below are some examples of such products:

This is a homemade game console remote control


And this, for example, is a model of the rotor of the MI-8 helicopter blades drive with a height of only 25 mm.

It is also an interesting business niche. Now, thanks to the Internet, any creative person has the opportunity to try himself in one or another work.

Marabu often receive many letters from specialists with a creative focus. And we are happy to help them to create something unusual and extraordinary. After all, the silicone that we use has very high resolution - 2 microns and allows you to reproduce your masterpiece with all the smallest details.

Creators! For you is nothing impossible! Together we will create a finished product from your idea!

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