Fight against coronavirus: Plastic Adapters for Mask Filters

Have you seen the snorkeling mask yet? Now it has become a protective mask against the coronavirus!

Recently, Konstantin Mirgorodsky, together with the All-Ukrainian Volunteer Center, contacted us with an unusual order: to make plastic adapters for filters on protective masks for Kiev hospitals. They are intended for medical personnel and those who manage with COVID-19 patients.


The technology of vacuum casting  of plastic into silicone molds makes it possible to provide a high level of technical characteristics of ready-made adapters. Such results cannot be achieved when printing products on a 3D printer.


    So what the result we got:

    • a reverse membrane of the breathing valve made of medical silicone, 0.8 mm thick, that was not in the adapter printed on a 3D-printer;
    • almost perfectly smooth surface (in comparison with that obtained with FDM printing), which makes it possible to quickly and easily disinfect the product;
    • high tightness of all connections, even without seals and gaskets, which makes it easy to use adapters without additional manipulations;
    • absence of cavities, bubbles, layers that could be a good ground for viruses and bacteria.

    Especially for the production of adapters from snorkeling masks on a bactericidal filter, our technologists have selected a unique material composition that provides:

    • the necessary balance between rigidity and elasticity of all elements of the part;
    • impact resistance of the final product;
    • possibility of sterilization at temperatures up to +120 ° C.

    We are always pleased when customers appreciate the quality of the work performed! And it is doubly pleasant to realize that with the help to each other, together we can do more! We will continue to do our part to protect those who risk with their health and lives in the fight against COVID-19.

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